David icke says Royal Family are ‘shape-shifting lizards’ but is he right?

Mr Icke sells out stadiums across the globe giving speeches about his theories that a secret cabal called the “Hidden Hand” or Illuminati really controls world affairs.

They are descended from a hybrid race of alien lizards and humans, he claims.

He famously came out as a conspiracy theorist in the 1990s after co-presenting prime time BBC1 sports show Grandstand.

Among his shocking claims at the time were that the British Queen and other world leaders were descended from these “reptilian bloodlines” and could actually shape-shift between lizard and human forms.

However, he wasn’t quite right about the reptilian-human connection according to occult expert

Gary Bone, a practicing Pagan and white witch hit out at the claims.

Referring to Mr Icke’s reptilian bloodline theory at the annual Occult Conference in Glastonbury, Somerset, Mr Bone said: “David Icke got it wrong. He misinterpreted the data when he translated it.

“However, we do have a reptilian brain.”


We have a reptilian brain, but a top Pagan does not believe David Icke’s theory.Related articles Moon

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