Conspiracy Theories – Top 10 Most Popular

Conspiracy Theories – Top 10 Most Popular: There are many popular conspiracy theories to choose from. Here is our top 10 list of what we consider to be the most popular.

10.Conspiracy theorists contend that Water Fluoridation is the work of the New World Order’s attempt of a one government world. They believe that Fluoridation is done to poison the population and that it was designed by the military-industrial complex to protect the United States.

9.Poor old Al Gore’s cause makes our list as conspiracy theories about Global Warning are spreading. Many researches have shown that weather patterns are actually leaning towards colder weather and that the Ice Caps are gaining not decreasing. Theorist believe that this is a scare in an attempt to raise taxes around the world.

8.The Miracle on ice at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympic games is considered by many a conspiracy theory by the Russians. The summer games were to be held in Moscow that year and fears of an American boycott lead the USSR to throw the game so that the Americans would be encouraged to head to Moscow.

7.The events of Roswell, New Mexico are probably the most incredible of all. Citizens believe that a UFO crash led to a huge cover-up by the government. People believe that Alien Autopsies were done on the Military base and that flying saucer in the form or disc landed.

6.Did the Moon Landing really happen? According to conspiracy theorist absolutely not. They believe that the entire thing was staged because America needed to be seen as first on the moon since the USSR was first in space.

5.Did American know about the upcoming attack on Pearl Harbor? According to many the attacks were needed in order to justify the US entry into World War II given that the population was heavily against it.

4.The Shroud of Turin is the most ancient on our list. Many say that the Shroud proves that Jesus survived the crucifixion and that the Vatican has doctored it because if Jesus is proven as having indeed survived the whole Catholic Church would be in turmoil.

3.It what would be the most horrific conspiracy theory if proven true 9/11 stands in many hearts as the event that changed the world forever. Theories claim that on September 11, 2001 the US government using remote-control planes and demolition materials pulled off the attacks that killed 3000 people.

2.The assassination of President Kennedy (JFK) is our number two conspiracy. It is the most talked about event even after 50 years. There are several different Conspiracy theories around the shooting of the President. More than 75% of Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was not lone gunman.

1.The Death of Princess Diana rocked the entire world. Conspiracies believe that the beloved Princess by far the most popular Royal was killed in an attempt to silence her from revealing dark secrets about Prince Charles her former Husband

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