Case Closed? Has the Rendlesham ‘Alien UFO’ Mystery Finally been Solved? – The Express

Reporter Jon Austin tells us that Andrew Pike “has penned a new book” called The Rendlesham File–Britain’s Roswell? about the complicated events that transpired outside a U.S. air base in Suffolk, England, over a three-day period in late December 1980. Austin writes that Pike concludes that the American soldiers witnessed lights caused by “a natural phenomena [sic] known as plasma or ball lightening, rather than coming from an alien UFO.” Microwaves and a postulated triangular drone also were factors in the equation. This book appears to be a revised and much-expanded edition of an original first published in March, 2005. The embedded audio under the caption “New Evidence Released on Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident” also isn’t new, but it is the last 6:17 minutes of the famous and rather compelling tape recording made by Colonel Charles I. Halt during part of the affair. More strange happenings that have been linked to UFOs are covered in Argentina: The Route 5 Teleportation Quandary. Sebastian Aranguren’s interesting and rather startling article doesn’t force us to conclude UFOs are to blame, but the next time we’re in Argentina we’re going to avoid that road. With Odd Cloud Ring Spotted over China the UFO speculation is listed, but this article inclines toward a meteorological or human-caused smoke vortex explanation for the beautiful but mysterious apparition. (WM)

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