Can These Theories of Antarctica Be True?!?!

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From man-made structures to strange conspiracy theories surrounding the ice on the continent. Can these theories of Antarctica be true?!?!

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Number 7 UFO Landing
Because of its size, harsh conditions and vastly unexplored surroundings, the Earth’s southernmost continent has become a breeding ground for theories. One of them has to do with a suspicious trail on Antarctica’s surface, found via Google Earth. The trail starts from what appears to be a collapsed mountain peak and conspiracy theorists believe the UFO hit the peak as it landed. Geologists, on the other hand, insist the trail was produced by an avalanche.
Number 6 Atlantis Is Under/Is Antarctica
Ever since Plato first referenced it in his works, Atlantis has captivated the world’s imagination. He claims the island nation was located beyond the Pillars of Hercules, which we know as an entrance to the Gibraltar Strait. He describes Atlantis as the main naval rival of what he refers to as “Ancient Athens”. In the 1950s, historian Charles Hapgood proposed a couple of theories that even gained the interest of physicist Albert Einstein. He claimed that the Earth’s axis has shifted many times during geological history and that the planet’s outer crust travelled rapidly upon the mantle. He argues that, within this context, Antarctica was once ice-free and home to an undiscovered civilization.
Number 5 Alien Icebergs
Huge, almost perfectly rectangular icebergs have been found throughout Antarctica. These gigantic formations are sometimes visible from space and some conspiracy theorists believe they’re the result of alien design. Others claim they’re man made. Since most of an iceberg’s mass is submerged, there’s definitely some mystery to what lies beneath. The theorists’ argument also hinges on the fact that such perfect shapes are rarely found in nature. While this is true, scientists have pointed out that not every corner of the iceberg is typically so clean-cut. They’ve also mentioned that the formations are called tabular icebergs and represent the result of a natural process.
Number 4 Entrance to the Earth
Beneath Antarctica’s permafrost, satellites detected a 300-mile wide gravitational anomaly. Many questions about the crater remain unanswered and they’ve collectively been referred to as the Wilkes Land Anomaly. The name is derived from the East Antarctica ice cap under which the purported crater is located. Scientific theories, at this point, are a matter of conjecture since it’s found at least 2,700 feet deep. While the anomaly in itself is fascinating, fringe theories have been abundant. One notable example comes from Hollow Earth supporters, people who believe that the Earth is either entirely hollow on the inside or that it contains a massive interior space.
Number 3 There Is No Antarctica
There are a number of schools of thought among Flat Earth theorists, but there is a central philosophy. The North Pole is actually at the center of our disk-shaped planet and what we know as the South Pole surrounds the Earth. Therefore, what we call “Antarctica” actually consists of ice walls, several hundred feet high and several thousand feet thick, that surround our planet. These walls supposedly hold back the ocean and keep everything from falling off the edge. NASA and world governments strictly guard these walls and have supposedly imposed a strict no-sail, no-fly zone in Antarctica. According to flat-earthers, they’ve been supplying the population with altered satellite images of the globe. The Flat Earth International Conference is organizing a cruise, set to depart in 2020.
Number 2 Base
After it emerged that they had launched an expedition to Antarctica in 1938, several conspiracy theories started to take shape. A prominent example is the one stating that the expedition was a massive operation. They found a large network of underground caves which they converted into bases. Their operational objective was experimenting with new technology to be used. Some theorists go as far as to suggest that they either made contact with aliens or stumbled upon alien technology. There’s also a claim that they hid UFOs on the Antarctica base.
Number 1 Pyramids
According to ancient astronaut conspiracy theorists, more than a hundred million years ago, a technologically advanced civilization built pyramids in Antarctica. It would have happened during a time when Antarctica was still part of a supercontinent called Pangea. Since the earliest hominids emerged about 2 million years ago and weren’t capable of such monumental designs, the structures would have to be alien in nature. Google Earth images of three alleged pyramids, within Antarctica’s Ellsworth Mountain, emerged in 2016 and rapidly went viral.

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