Bob Lazar Exposes Area 51!

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There are many theories about the top secret facility Area 51, where scientists try to solve mysteries about alien technologies & UFOs. Here we look at facts that Bob Lazar exposed about Area 51.


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Robert Lazar is an alleged scientist and one of the world’s best-known UFO whistle blowers. In the late 1980s he gave a series of interviews in which he claimed to have worked at a top secret facility where he was introduced to alien flying saucers. According to Lazar, he was selected to work on the aircraft in order to back-engineer its propulsion system. The technology was reportedly far more advanced than anything humanity was capable of at the time and perhaps since. Lazar has been unwavering in his story for over 3 decades, which has earned him a number of supporters.

Most of those close to him support his claims of being a scientist as well as his knowledge of electronics, chemistry, physics, jet engines and combustion engines. Since 1987, before he started working at S4, Lazar and his friend Gene Huff ran an annual festival called Desert Blast, in the Nevada desert. Bob Lazar’s story begins with an article in the Los Alamos Monitor about how he’d put a jet engine on his Honda CRX.

On paper, Bob Lazar took some electronics courses at Pierce Junior College, in Los Angeles, during the late 1970s. He claims to have a masters degree in electronic technology from the California Institute of Technology and a masters in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The degrees would give his claims of being a scientist the necessary legitimacy, but there are no records of him attending either CalTech or MIT.

Another aspect was his employment at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The official position is that he never worked there. However, the article in the Los Alamos Monitor, which included a front-page picture of Lazar and his jet engine Honda, listed him as physicist at the laboratory.

Lazar sent resumes to various laboratories and included Edward Teller on the list. Teller remembered Lazar and told him to contact someone at EG&G with access to some of the government’s most sensitive technologies. Lazar reportedly “dazzled” his EG&G interviewers and was eventually hired to work on a propulsion project in an “outer area”. He subsequently met a man named Dennis Mariani and was flown to Area 51, at Groom Lake. Afterwards, a bus with blacked out windows took him and Mariani to the S4 facility, near Papoose Lake.

S4 was a facility built in the side of a mountain that featured a number of hangars and buildings. It’s here that Lazar was introduced to his lab partner, a man he only identified as “Barry”. Lazar first started to realize that he was working with extraterrestrial technology when he was exposed to a reactor from a flying saucer. It was a sphere about the size of a basketball on a metal plate. It produced a gravitational field via contact with the plate.

Bob Lazar saw nine flying saucers, all of different shapes and build, during his time at S4. This only happened once, when the hangar doors were all open. He believes that several of them were still operational. Nevertheless, he only got to work on one, which he dubbed “Sport Model”. His job was to try and reverse-engineer its power and propulsion system. Lazar got to see the interior of the flying disc once. He describes it as having no right angles and that it looked like it was fused together, as if it was made out of “melted wax”.

He told a few of his friends, including Gene Huff, what was really going on and took them to the desert to witness an S4 UFO test flight. On a Wednesday night, they saw a remarkable display in which a bright glowing disc jumped in flashes across the Nevada night sky, and even got really close to them. Because he’d broken the secrecy, Bob Lazar’s position at S4 was compromised. Recent interest in Bob Lazar’s story comes from a Netflix documentary entitled “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers”. His appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience alongside the documentary’s director, Jeremy Corbell, has also reignited public interest into his story.

Element 115 is the linchpin of Lazar’s story and the factor that seems to give his claims validity. This element wouldn’t be successfully synthesized until 2003, by a joint team of Russian and American scientists. Lazar knew about it roughly 15 years earlier.
One aspect is indisputable which is that he was the first to expose Area 51 to the general public. Its official names is Groom Lake. If Bob Lazar’s story is ever conclusively proven, then experimenting with alien technology can be added to that the list.

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