Black Panther Sightings in Texas Continue – Texas Cryptid Hunter

So how do we all feel about big black cats? Our favorite cryptid hunter reminds us through numerous witness accounts that while we don’t know why the black panther sightings are so numerous, they are anything but a figment of someone’s imagination. Maybe it’s just something about things being bigger in Texas. But there are other areas of the United States packing a cryptid punch, too. Exploring American Monsters: Wyoming, aka The Cowboy State has got its fair share of strangeness going on. Sasquatch sightings (and hoaxes), lake monsters, and perhaps most eerie of all, a miniature mummy of a human-like being. (Eraser Head anyone?) Let’s not leave South America out of this strange line up. Brazil has to its credit Mato Grosso’s Massive Monsters which are apparently known for ripping out the tongues of cattle and having a second mouth on their bellies (the better to eat you with my dear… ) As for Modern Dinosaurs? one only has to look at the pages of folklore and myth from around the world. Clearly some kind of huge reptile-like creature inspired all those stories of dragons and other beasties. (CM)

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