Bizarre Encounters With Lesser Known Mystery Creatures Of Australia – Mysterious Universe

Who doesn’t love the yarns spun by ockers about bunyips, drop bears, and yowies? Yet Brent Swancer wants you to know there’s more to the outback than those unusual suspects. Australia’s weird menagerie of extant marsupials and dinosaurs are guaranteed to tickle the fancy of cryptozoologists of any age. From the “water-is-wet” department, Paula Bolyard announces Washington And California Lead The U.S. In Bigfoot Sightings. As a bonus, she tacks on a handy list to see how your state measures up. Not every cryptid is fantastic, as some may have lost their way or escaped their humans. The latter is a possibility with this Mystery Animal Photographed In Central Texas. Cheers to Mike “Texas Cryptid Hunter” Mayes for the tip on Chester Moore’s story. Another Texas cryptid hunter, Nick Redfern, shares a cautionary tale for those inclined to ask, “Can I keep her? She followed me home!” involving A Huge Skull And A Dangerous “Pet”. Typing up the loose ends of our crypto-coverage, Glasgow Boy has Some Nessie News Items pimping his upcoming speaking engagements, a bit of fun, and a dispatch from Africa! (CS)

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