Bitcoin WARNING: Was bitcoin created by AI? Shock claim ‘rogue AI taking over the world’

Could it be that rogue Artificial Intelligence is using bitcoin’s supercomputer network to quietly take over the world?

This is one of the questions raised by a bizarre YouTube video uploaded by the UFO Today channel.

The conspiracy theory video alleges that uses the allure of money to trick people into expanding its network and processing power.

UFO Today said: “Would it be possible that the reason for the bitcoin code to be so perfect, is the fact that the code wasn’t created by a single extremely skilled developer or even a team of skilled developers?

“Instead, could the code have been generated by a highly advanced artificial intelligence? Think about it. Bitcoin just happened.”

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The exact details of bitcoin’s creation remain a mystery, but the token emerged in 2009 as a direct response to Wall Street and the 2008 financial crisis.

Bitcoin was conceived by an anonymous individual or group

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