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Drawing upon a rich tradition of folklore from time immemorial, Antony Cummins’s The Dark Side Of Japan illuminates Japan’s tallest tales. One copy fell into Kevin Murphy’s lap and he ate it up like a plate of okonomiyaki. Just take Kev’s advice against sticking upright chopsticks in your ricebowl, lest bad luck comes to haunt you. These United States of America may only have 241 years under her belt, but many potent legends haunt her citizens’s nightmares. For example the ‘Girl Of White Rock Lake’ Spooking Residents Back In 1964 still haunts Dallas, and Chelsea Watkins hopes to renew those chills with her yarn. Cranking the creepy up to eleven, Brian Conley’s presentation at “Forgotten Fairfax” inspired Mike Salmon to follow The Elusive Trail Of The Bunnyman Myth. Whether serial killer, klansman, or bigfoot’s long-eared and leucistic cousin, the bunnyman gives New Jersey’s native son a run for his money. Nowadays locals revere the Jersey Devil as their patron saint, plastering his likeness on beer labels, featuring him in schlock films, and even honoring him as their hockey team’s namesake, among other sins, helping Molly Fitzpatrick illustrate How New Jersey Tamed Its Most Terrifying Legend. (CS)

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