Beth She’arim Slab ~ Gigantic OOPArt Found In Jerusalem?

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Beth She’arim is an ancient cemetery located within Galilee, very close by, is a natural cave. It had apparently fell into disuse at the end of the 4th century and filled up partially with four or five feet of clay-like silt.
In 1956 a bulldozer was taken in to clear the rubble, but what it would uncover however, can be seen as an enormous “oopart,” an out of place artefact.

It turned out to be a large, ancient, rectangular slab, made from an unknown material.
Because of its size, measuring 6½ by 11 feet long, 18 inches thick and weighing in at over 9 tons, it was not surprisingly left where it lay.
With a perfectly level surface, its origins were a mystery, yet alas, at the time, not a pressing one.
However, in 1963, members of a joint expedition of The Corning Museum of Glass, and The University of Missouri, would bring to light, a curious reality.
While surveying the region for possible remains of ancient glass factories, someone suggested that the Beth She’arim slab might have been made of glass.
A suggestion initially perceived as a joke, indeed, one member of the team volunteered that if the slab was made of glass, he would eat his hat.
A remark he would soon live to regret…
Amazingly chemical analysis was indeed carried out, confirming that this enormous and extremely ancient slab, was indeed made of glass.
Ancient glassmaking was often carried out in two stages.
The first was an engineering stage, the heating of granular raw materials to a temperature of about 1100°C.
When the melt cooled down from this near white heat, it would form into a glass.
This raw, unshaped glass could then be transported to artisans who would reheat the glass often blowing it into wares.
It is therefore believed that The Beth She’arim slab, is a huge piece of first stage glass, meant to have been broken up and fashioned into objects somewhere else.
That for some reason, was abandoned right where it was made.
In conclusion, several factors surrounding the existence of the slab are currently unexplainable…
According to mainstream views surrounding the evolution of glass making, the production of such an enormous base material would have been simply impossible.
Requiring over 12 tons of raw materials, over 20 tons of furnace fuel, the maintaining of a temperature of over 1100 degrees centigrade, for no less than 5 continuous days, finally producing a 9-ton slab of perfectly level, perfectly rectangular glass, clearly demonstrates the requirement of a highly advanced refinery, with highly advanced technologies, harnessed by a past civilization.
Additionally, at the time of its discovery, only 2 other pieces of glass have ever been created that are larger, both rest within the enormous telescopic mirrors of machines, developed within the past century.
It seems clear to us, that the Beth She’arim slab, is one of those rare gems, that clearly demonstrates the past existence of a highly advanced, highly capable, ancient civilisation, that once lived, and was unfortunately lost here on earth.

Mystery History

Mystery History

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