Australian Aboriginal Symbols Found On Mysterious 12,000-Year-Old Pillar In Turkey – A Connection That Could Shake Up Hi…

Gobekli Tepe continues to intrigue us. A symbol from Aboriginal culture has been found carved at the site, which opens up the possibility that Australia’s indigenous people had a hand in its construction. As if that’s not enough to feast upon, we hear that an Italian Archaeologist Claims That the Trojan Horse Was Really the Trojan Boat. Jason Colavito writes intelligently about the possible mis-translation of hippos, which may mean horse or boat, leaving room for historical error. And while America’s future occupies the minds of many, in its past we learn that there were No ‘lost tribes’ or aliens: what ancient DNA reveals about American prehistory. The origins of America’s earliest humans is a large and complex subject, but is neatly condensed in this piece by The Guardian. In short, we still don’t know who they were and remain a long way from finding out. (LP)

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