Artifacts Of Para-gliders & Submarines Found In Samos?

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There are many enigmatic, unexplained, ancient mysteries, which we have covered here on our channel.
Many mysterious ruins which we are slowly revealing their secrets to us…
However, what must be the most intriguing of the historical sub categories, has to be the ooparts.
Out of place artefacts, that have been found all over earth. These mystifying items are the only subject within the field, which can shed their own very unique lights upon the distant past, and the sometimes hard to believe possibilities attached to their ages.
The island of Samos within Greece, is home to a number of these particular artefacts.
1.5 km’s off the coast of Turkey, this small island has a big history.
Within the islands capital museum is a wide range of very impressive artefacts.

First Recorded as being inhabited as far back as 4,000 years before Christ, the origins of the islands first “live-in” guests however, remains a hotly debated topic.

The first archaeological excavations took place in 1812, initially carried out by British archaeologists from London, it was then continued by a German team from 1900 onwards.

Amazingly, an influence of Minoan, Mycenaean, Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations has been clearly found within the artefacts, uncovered during the archaeological excavations.

The most interesting among the collection, is undoubtedly the strange bronze artefact which according to academia,,, merely depicts a strange form of unknown carriage, that would once have once been pulled by horses…

However, some also believe,,, that the strange animals are actually depicting a form of periscope, and that the entire artefact is actually that of an ancient submarine.

Additionally, there also exists another amazing artefact that we felt was worth a mention, found within private collection.
Originally a religious idol, what do you think this wooden artefact is depicting?
Could it actually be that of modern day paragliders?
Somehow sent back in time, seen and depicted by this once ancient people as a religious vision?
Its an incredible, if rather imaginative thought, but it is testament to such artefacts intriguing nature.
There are many incredible out of place artefacts that can be found all over earth, each one just waiting to tell to spark our interests. Thanks for watching guys, and until net time take care.

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