Area 51 Secrets – Top 10 Facts Revealed

10. we have the A-12 Oxcart a sophisticated Spy plane was said to

have been tested at Area 51. There is an Oxcart mounted and

inverted in Area 51 for the purpose of radar testing.

9.The only form of entertainment on Area 51 was said to be a

cement tennis court and a small bowling alley.

There was no television, and radio signals only made it through

the surrounding mountains in the evening.

8.It is widely speculated that the Moon Landing was a Hoax

and that the actual film footage of the Moon Landing was

produced at area 51 facilities. Various space equipment

including land rovers and life support systems were tested by

the astronauts at the adjoining nuclear testing grounds.

7.One of the perks of working at Area 51 was that the mess

hall sometimes served lobsters and oysters. And once a week

it was steak night.

6.A runway had to be built to accommodate the landings on

Area 51. The 8,500-foot runway was not only built in secrecy

but to make sure not to draw attention all contractors worked

undercover at night.

5.The Economic Collapse of the last decade did not seem to

affect Area 51. It is estimated that there are 1600 to 2000

employees working at the military facility involving at least a

dozen defense contractors.

4.Area 51 has had many names and nicknames including:

Groom Lake, Paradise Ranch, Watertown, and Dreamland.

Some of the names were strategic in order to entice people to

come work at the facility.

3.President Obama made a comment about Area 51 in a

speech in late 2013. He’s the first and only President to

publicly acknowledge its existence of the facility. The White

House was concerned afterwards that this could lead to

lawsuits given that most president do not acknowledged the

existence of Area 51.

2.It took until August 15, 2013 for the CIA to finally

acknowledge the existence of Area 51. The main pressure

came from repeated freedom of information requests made by

George Washington University. The CIA lifted the veil of

secrecy on Area 51 and many now believe that the lies and

cover-ups will intensify.

1.A recent poll shows that 57% of Americans believe that

UFOs are real and that some type of Alien Activity has been at

area 51. Many people believe that there are even underground

Alien bases at Area 51.

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