Are Aliens Spying on North Wales Nudists? (Or is there a More Down to Earth Explanation) – The Daily Post

What’s going on in the skies above the UK seems rather paltry compared to the ruckus it’s causing over there, if one takes these three posts at face value. Zara Whelan’s article leads with a short video bearing uncertain relationship to odd phenomena claimed for a favorite naturist beach in north-west Wales. And there’s a prosaic cause for at least some of the shenanigans. To the south, a Liskeard photographer’s work is behind the article These UFOs Were Accidentally Caught on Film above Cornwall as Two Dark Shapes Can Be Seen Hovering in the Blue Sky. Charlotte Becquart’s title pretty much says it all about this time-lapse film, besides that the clip has been sent to “various societies” who are unnamed but nonetheless “very intrigued.” Further east, Harry Pettit doesn’t minimize the impact of some photography in An Alien Invasion? Locals Capture Eerie Footage of UFOs Flying over Bristol (But There May be a Simple Explanation). The imagery isn’t strong enough to support, or eliminate, any one of numerous potential explanations for what is shown. (WM)

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