Ancient Pyramid Found In Wisconsin Lake?

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On the 30th of July, 1967, a group of seven sponge divers were exploring the bottom of rock lake, within Wisconsin.
What they found however, is far more precious than sponge, or indeed golden relics, they would make a discovery so perplexing, some specialists are still struggling to explain it to this day.
One of the divers, John Kennedy, stumbled across a large triangular rock formation near the middle of the lake, a structure which towered up from the deep, almost breaching the surface.
He estimated that the structure which still existed above the mud, was around 20 feet in diameter, and around 40 feet from the edge of the lake.
John collected several small fragments from around the structure, specimens which would later aid in collaborating their claims.
Although rumours of an ancient pyramid existing in the lake, had circulated since the 1930’s, this was the first time in modern history that evidence had successfully been retrieved.
It must be noted, Rock lake is extremely ancient, and the area that is said to house an ancient pyramid, has remain submerged for well over ten thousand years.
Due to this geological fact, if it were not for Johns physical evidence, the site may have been successfully overlooked by mainstream archaeology.
For many years, scientists had chosen to ignore the possible discovery, 5 years prior to Johns testimony in 1962, “The Wisconsin Archaeologist” printed an article conveying the opinion of several academic specialists, who all publicly stated that it was “highly unlikely,” a man-made pyramid actually exists at the bottom of Rock Lake.
Heated debate regarding Johns and other claims from the 30’s, now raged on for several years, many mainstream archaeologists predictably rejecting the premise, that a pyramid of over 10,000 years of age, is resting, or more precisely hiding, at the bottom rock lake.
Thankfully, not everyone was put off by this mainstream, conformist, chronological explanation of our history, which is at best, nothing but an arrogant presumption, and at worst, a global conspiracy.
For in 1987, Frank Joseph, an American author, together with other scientists, completed a sonar mapping of the lake floor.
Locating a number of unusually shaped structures along a now submerged ancient beach.
Strongly supporting the pyramids existence, vindicating john and his team, and more importantly, adding to the ever-growing list of evidence, which discredits current historical paradigm.
According to Frank Joseph, beneath the waters of Rock Lake lie at least ten structures.
Named the Limnatis Pyramids, they claim, some enormous structures lay there.
Native American legend records that they were built by an ancient peoples who were driven away during a flood.
Although evidence was mounting, sceptics continued to insist that those involved were mistaken.
It took a flight by Ariel photographer, Jack Le’Tourneau, to silence such rhetoric.
According to mainstream academia the site simply shouldn’t exist, yet it does.
It is another valuable relic of our past, which tell of a history drenched in antiquity.
A history we a slowly unravelling.

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Mystery History

Mystery History

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