An Unknown Civilization Built a Great Wall of Siberia – Mysterious Universe

We’ve had Hadrian’s Wall, the Great Wall of China, and the Great Wall of Trump (oh, wait a minute) but it seems that Siberia had its own about 3000 years ago. Buried for over a century, the purpose of the construction is still not clear, but it may have been to control the flow of migrants … And from about the same era comes a 3000-Year Old “Giantess” Statue Found in Turkey. That is to say, a giant statue, not a statue of a giantess. The head and upper torso of a female statue have been discovered at Tell Tyinat, the site of an ancient fortress. Who she was and why her image has been vandalized are matters under research. But while we have our spades out, let’s get Digging the Dirt, which is not a reference to modern journalism, but is Magonia’s review of Lost City, Found Pyramid, “a collection of twelve essays written by academics and professionals.” Among its topics is how “Pseudoarcheology,” the “non-scientific pursuit of myths and legends” have muddied the waters of “true archaeology.” An expensive book, but reviewer Kevin Murphy feels it’s “a treasure trove” of information. (LP)

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