Alternative Healer Proposes Legitimate Species Name For Bigfoot – Doubtful News

Here is yet another so-called Bigfoot researcher doing his best–however inadvertently–to ensure no one ever takes the subject of Sasquatch seriously. Doesn’t help that Dr. Erich Hunter felt the need to publish his doctoral thesis under a different identity. Being willing to admit who you are goes a long way toward being taken earnestly. Someone we have no trouble taking seriously is Nick Redfern. In this post Nick is Investigating Australia’s Bigfoot. Reports of the Australian Yowie are on record from as early as the mid 1850s. The ever-roving Nick doesn’t stop there, providing us A Guide To The Abominable Snowman. It seems Mr. Redfern is a member of the long series of researchers over the past century who are intent on proving that an enormous hairy beast inhabits the mountains of Everest and the Himalayas. (CM)

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