ALIEN SHOCK: ‘ET filmed entering UFO before it soars into sky’ in clear viral footage

An extraterrestrial appears to have been caught on camera in a remote snowy part of Romania near the city of Târgoviște, according to the YouTube clip. 

In the clip, said to have been filmed earlier this month, a spindly, large-headed creature walks awkwardly on two legs towards a flying saucer that is perched impossibly upon a staircase at a 45 degree angle.

As the being gets on the staircase, it rises into the flying saucer.

Viewers then see the craft rise slowly up before moving off over a forest.

It has received millions of views on YouTube and social media websites.

On the Târgoviște+ Facebook it generated a staggering 15 million views.


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This is no joke, no fake, no hoax. People my hands are still shaking due to emotion.

Târgoviște+ Facebook page

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