ALIEN COVER UP? ‘Why won’t NASA release Voyager probe data after it left solar system?’

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Scott C Waring is convinced the US space agency is “hiding something” of significance, amid claims it is not being transparent enough with the data beamed back daily from the 40-year-old unmanned spacecraft which has left the solar system and is now in inter stellar space.

Mr Waring, who is behind popular website tweeted the agency urging for more information.

He said on his website: “I sent this tweet and photo I made to NASA departments on Twitter a few minutes ago. 

“Of course they won’t respond. They never do.

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“Voyager has been out there collecting data for over 40 years and the public has access to none of it. 

“NASA said they often beamed back data that the probe has collected, yet, have you seen it?

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