Alejandro Rojas Interview – The Paracast

Gene and Chris chat with Alejandro Rojas about the International UFO Congress to be held from February 14th-18th in Scottsdale, Arizona. Highlights from this podcast include Alejandro’s interesting “take” on why the U.S. is–and must–“go back” to the Moon and what particular noteworthy individual will play a central role in that effort. There’s also conversation about the two “Secret Space Programs”–one has to do with the extravagant claims made at last year’s MUFON International Symposium, and the other is what’s really going on with our military space efforts. Richard Doty receives attention, as does Tom DeLonge. Rojas gets some heat for having awarded DeLonge its 2017 UFO Researcher of the Year Award, and Alejandro nonetheless predicts that Gene and Chris will have the head of To The Stars on a future Paracast. This particular podcast was obviously taped prior to its airing on December 17th, and the result is that it’s nearly an historical document in its own right, and certainly worth reflecting upon. (WM)

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