AI could be used to TAKE OVER the WORLD through ‘evil’ fake news and hijacking cars


AI could outmanoeuvre many digital and physical defence systems

In a new report, called The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the authors – who are made up of AI researchers and civil liberties groups – warn that if breakthroughs in AI continue at the current pace then technology will soon become so powerful that it will outmanoeuvre many digital and physical defence systems.

Jack Clark, head of policy at OpenAI, San Francisco-based AI group whose backers include Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, said: “What struck a lot of us was the amount that happened in the last five years — if that continues, you see the chance of creating really dangerous things.”

The report also warns that drones and driverless cars could be commandeered and used as weapons and that malevolent AI could be used to organise swarms of drones.

Also, political systems could be hacked by using tools for online advertising and commerce to manipulate voters.

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