A Mysterious Stone, Ancient Seafaring Mysteries and Sir Isaac Newton – Mysterious Universe

For many Europeans, Malta is a great beach holiday destination, but its ancient history runs deeper than a good tan. The enigmatic Tal-Qadi stone, discovered in the 1920s, shows astronomical symbols that geographer Dr Kai Helge Wirth thinks may be “the world’s earliest representation of the Zodiac.” He intends to use a replica to test out Newton’s theory that the “constellations corresponded to the topography of different shorelines around the world” and were used as a navigational chart by ancient mariners. And from Cambodia we learn of The mysterious ‘foreigners’ carved into the temples of Sambor Prei Kuk. Who were the moustachioed-men whose likenesses are carved into these ancient structures, and why were they important enough to be depicted in this way? Many questions, but no answers. Next we head beneath the waves where Mystery Surrounds Underwater Castle Found in Turkey. What may be a structure “over a kilometer in circumference” has been discovered. Its age and origin are creating much speculation and future excavations are planned which it’s hoped will provide answers. And finally we ask Were there pyramids in early St Louis civilization? Author Mark Leach makes that case. Collectively known as “Mississippians,” the ancient people of the region have left behind “burial chambers for tombs and treasures, which are reminiscent of the pyramids of Egypt.” Have a listen to the radio link provided to learn more of this fascinating theory. (LP)

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