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John Biggs gives a personal account of ghost hunting at the Powhatan Resort in Virginia. Coming away unimpressed with technology typically utilized by paranormal researchers, Biggs establishes himself as a purist who continues to trust his own instincts over modern methods when searching for spooks. But the old ways aren’t all they are rumored to be: 6 Historical Methods for Contacting the Dead (and Their Drawbacks). From pesky evil spirits attached to Ouija boards to the inconvenience of finding a medium willing to transfigure at your leisure, Lapham’s Quarterly provides a most excellent listing of all your preferred methods of bothering the dearly departed. Interestingly, it seems Humans are psychologically hardwired to see ghosts, as reflected in religious and cultural beliefs and practices. Whether or not this capacity is viewed in a positive or negative light varies though, as not all faiths feel warm and fuzzy about the dead coming to say hello. (CM)

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