A Close-Up On Mysteries Made Of Stone In Saudi Arabia’s Desert – New York Times

Maybe these structures were meant for farming, or maybe it’s the ruins of Abdul al-Hazred’s hometown, but their discoverer got the opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy this vicarious thrill, as Nicholas St. Fleur has the scoop on David Kennedy’s once-in-a-lifetime trip. Also from the fringes of archaeology, some mavericks hailing from Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Sciences are toying with the possibility that a Ancient Hominin Skull From China Suggests Humans Didn’t Evolve Just From African Ancestors. We find it interesting that mainstream outlets were quick to announce those Moroccan skulls pushing back the clock, yet keep mum when it comes to the similarly-aged Dali skull. Speaking of which, Nick Redfern’s pretty certain we’re not descended from selkies, based on The Strange Saga Of The Sea People, but what exactly inspired these queer tales of cross-species romance? At least the Scots were enamored with damp fairy folk, while Greek ardor leaned more towards necrophilia. Swoon like a 14 year-old girl with Esoterx when you hear this odd tale of Love And Longing In Ancient Amphipolis. The saving grace? Turns out the decedent loved her man so much, she came back! And you won’t believe what happens next! (CS)

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