9 Worst Parents Found in the Animal Kingdom

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Worst parents found in the animal kingdom. From scary tiny animal species to cute looking creatures that are actually bad parents. These are the most terrible animal mothers.

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Number 9 Dracula Ant
Adetomyrma venatrix is an ant species in Madagascar. Hence why this ant species is also known as the Dracula ant. After the queen gives birth to new larvae, she and the workers, will chew minuscule holes in them. Researchers aren’t sure why it happens, but it does fall in line with the social behavior of ants which involves transferring fluids to each other.
Number 8 Harp Seals
The harp seal is native to the Arctic Ocean and the most northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean. For the first 12 to 14 days after giving birth to their pups, harp seals are very dedicated mothers. During the nursing period, they lose over 6 pounds per day feeding their young. However, this period ends abruptly and the mother will abandon the pup on the ice and return to promiscuous mating.
Number 7 Black Eagle
Number 6 Lion
Lionesses aren’t typically regarded as bad parents of the animal world. The cubs are usually the ones most affected by these power struggles. The mothers are often helpless to keep it from happening.
Number 5 Cuckoo
Females will lay their eggs in other birds’ nests and use several deception tactics to get out of parenting duties. They have secretive and fast-laying behaviors which may also involve luring host birds away from their nests. Females sometimes specialize and lay eggs which closely resemble those of their chosen hosts, or cryptic eggs, which are dark in color, in contrast to those of the host. This helps hide them in darker nests. The cuckoo chick usually hatches first and grows faster than the others in the nest.
Number 4 Panda
The giant panda has been the subject of numerous conservation efforts, which have contributed to the recent transition of their status from endangered to vulnerable. Some reports seem to indicate that their numbers in the wild have increased and that there are close to 2,000 pandas living in Central China, in the Sichuan region but also in the neighboring Gansu and Shaanxi.
Number 3 Beetle
The beetle has specialized antennae which enable it to detect an animal, usually a small bird or a mouse, from a long distance. After finding one, competing pairs fight each other, males versus males and females versus females, and those that emerge victorious get to keep it. At this point the larvae are capable of feeding themselves, but their parents may also feed them as a result of begging. In order to ensure that there’s enough food for everyone the parents may practice infanticide. The most successful parents achieve a balance between the number of offspring they produce and the size that they mature into.
Number 2 Barnacle Geese
The barnacle goose belongs to the Branta genus, which means geese species that have largely black plumage. These animals mainly breed on the Arctic Islands, in the North Atlantic. They build their nests on high cliffs, out of the reach of predators like polar bears and Arctic Foxes. Much like all geese species, the adults don’t bring food to the young. Instead, the newly hatched goslings come down from the cliffs, under the parents’ supervision. However, they are roughly three days old and unable to fly.
Number 1 African Social Spider
Stegodyphus dumicola, also known as the African social spider, lives in large colonies or family groups, in Central and South America. Only about 40% percent of the females have the chance to reproduce as they mature at a slower rate than the males.

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