9 Facts About the Doomsday Clock

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Number 9 What Is It?
The Doomsday Clock is a symbolic representation of how close humanity is to a global catastrophe. It’s not meant to predict doomsday events but rather to raise worldwide awareness. The Doomsday Clock is universally recognized as a metaphor for man-made problems, in which “midnight” represents the culmination of a hypothetical doomsday scenario.
Number 8 How Does It Work?
The Doomsday Clock doesn’t work like a conventional time keeping device, as it can be set both closer and farther away from midnight. The closer the clock is set to midnight, the more significant the level is. The purpose of the setting is to determine the degree of urgency in addressing issues of global security.
Number 7 Who Operates It?
Each January the setting of the clock is announced. It’s a nonprofit organization that periodically reviews the trends and implications of global events and how they pertain to matters of security. The Bulletin’s Science and Security Board meet in person twice a year while various subcommittees hold meetings more frequently. Prior to discussing the clock’s latest setting the Bulletin hosts an annual meeting and a dinner in Chicago, both of which are open to the public.
Number 6
The Bulletin started out as a magazine founded by biophysicist Eugene Rabinowitch and fellow physicist Hyman Goldsmith. Additionally, it serves as an international forum for opinions on how to best deal with any growing global concerns. The Doomsday Clock is a staple of the Bulletin and the most visited feature on its website.
Number 5 When Was It Created?
Hyman Goldsmith, one of the Bulletin’s founding fathers, asked artist Myrtle Langsdorf to design a cover for the June 1947 issue of the magazine. Similar to a countdown it suggests that destruction will occur naturally unless the proper measures are taken to stop it.
Number 4 Farthest Setting
The Doomsday Clock’s farthest setting was 17 minutes to midnight, in 1991.
Number 3 Manhattan Project Connection
A number of people that were behind the Bulletin and the Doomsday Clock had also been part of the Manhattan Project. Eugene Rabinowitch, the Bulletin’s co-founder, worked in the project’s Metallurgical Laboratory, in Chicago. He also co-authored the Franck Report, of June 1945. Myrtle Langsdorf, the artist who designed the clock, was married to Alexander Langsdorf Jr.
Number 2
Historically, the most significant swings in the Doomsday Clock have been largely influenced. It also notes a rise in recent years of global carbon dioxide emissions. The statement describes the intentional corruption of the information ecosystem that civilization depends on.

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