8 Mysterious Facts About the Ocean

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Mysterious facts about the ocean & strange things found underwater! These are unexplained mysteries of the deep sea.

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8 Underwater Crop Circles
Discovered in 1995 off the coast of Japan, these strange geometric formations remained a mystery for almost a decade. their eerie resemblance to the crop circles discovered on land invited speculation on what may have caused them, and, for many, the immediate suspects were extraterrestrials or ancient underwater beings. The answer to the mystery would eventually be slightly underwhelming. The five-inch culprit was caught in the act in 2011. It was a male pufferfish. This creature would dig ridges in the sand using its fins while repeatedly moving in and out of the circle.
7 Bermeja Island
The Island of Bermeja was located around 60 miles from the Yucatan Peninsula. That is, if it did really exist. The unusual thing about the island is its tendency to vanish and reappear on maps and historical records. On maps produced between 1535 and 1775, the existence of the mysterious island was confirmed. After an expedition in search of the Island yielded no result, it vanished from geographical and historical records only to resurface on a US map in 1857.
6 Gold
The water of the world’s oceans contains almost 20 million tons of gold but the concentration is extremely dilute. The undissolved gold lies in and on the seafloor. There currently isn’t a cost-effective method of mining and extracting the gold from the ocean. Nevertheless, should that change it’s been estimated that the amount of gold extracted would be so massive that it could provide each person on the planet with 9 pounds in weight.
5 Baltic Sea Anomaly
In the summer of 2011, members of the Swedish ‘Ocean X’ diving team were looking for a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea when their sonar picked up an intriguing image. According to the team, the image revealed a 200-foot circular object with features not resembling anything produced by nature, around 260 to 300 feet below. They returned to the site the following year but claimed that as soon as they were above the object, ‘mysterious electrical interference’ tampered with their equipment, preventing them from getting a clearer image. Their equipment became operational only once they moved several hundred feet away from the anomaly, they said. As soon as the image went public, there were claims that it could possibly represent an UFO.
4 Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle has been described as a portion of the North Atlantic Ocean bordered by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. However, this is a loose interpretation as other borders have also been suggested, effectively increasing its surface. It’s often cited among the ocean’s greatest mysteries. Each incident has a number of theories including weather, strong currents, human error, even sinkholes.
3 Sea Peoples
It’s a widely held notion that they were responsible for the Late Bronze Age Collapse. Yet, for all the destruction they brought to the ancient world, nobody seems to know anything about who they were and where they came from. There are multiple theories but, in truth, to most, their culture and nationality remains a mystery. All that’s known about the Sea Peoples mainly comes from civilizations. The most detailed account comes from the time of Ramses III around 1170 BC. An inscription on his mortuary temple describes how the Sea Peoples moved south through the eastern Mediterranean and laid waste to cities in Cyprus, Syria, Turkey and the Levant.
2 Hidden Treasures
No mystery would be complete without the search for secret treasure. Some estimates claim there’s more historical artifacts lying in the ocean than in all of the world’s museums combined. According to James Delgado, director of Maritime Heritage Program for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the total number of shipwrecks since the dawn of history is well over one million and the vast majority are yet to be discovered. The ocean holds many secrets regarding the planet’s origins and human history. Finding shipwrecks and sunken artifacts may provide a key towards unlocking these mysteries.
1 Mauritius Underwater Waterfall
Around 8 million years ago, gigantic underwater volcanic eruptions led to the formation of the Mascarene Islands, around 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa. Mauritius is one of these islands and it is well known for its reefs, lagoons and beaches. Aside from its abundance of natural beauty Mauritius is also known for a remarkable natural phenomenon. From an aerial view you can see what looks like an underwater waterfall near the southern tip of the island. It’s a stunning site to behold but the entire phenomenon is actually an optical illusion.

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