8 Most Fascinating Statue Findings

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The most fascinating statue findings! Here are remarkable recoveries & stunning discoveries that turned into symbolic historical findings.

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Number 8 Pete the Gnome
Tennessee woman Heather Andrews had already described garden gnomes as “creepy”. Therefore, it was only fitting that a friend of hers would sometimes gift her with such statues, as a joke. At one point in 2014, she accidentally broke one of the gnomes and found something inside. Andrews tried to find an explanation but no one at Target, where the gnome was purchased, or at the Chinese factory, where it was made, knew anything about it. She even made a Facebook page for the gnome, nicknamed “Pete”, in hopes that people online would give her some answers.
Number 7 Old Banknote
While working with a wooden statue, Australian art experts found a banknote inside its hollowed head. The discovery was made in 2016, while the piece was being prepped for auction. The banknote was larger and stranger than present-day bills. The statue statue went on display in Melbourne, London and Hong Kong prior to being auctioned off.
Number 6 Letters Inside a Statue
In St. Agueda, Spain, a preservationist discovered two letters inside a 200-year-old statue. They’d been written in 1777 by a clergyman from the Burgo de Osma Cathedral, named Joaquin Minguez. The letters offered a detailed description of life in the region at the time. The clergyman wrote about the harvest, popular pastimes, common things and community affairs. The message from the past also featured information about Manuel Bal, the artist who’d created the statue, and about King Carlos III, who ruled Spain at the time. The carefully handwritten documents were found inside the statue. Based on the abundant information they revealed, it’s quite clear that Minguez had purposefully created one of history’s earliest time capsules.
Number 5 Confederate Time Capsule
In Orlando, Florida, a statue dating back more than a century revealed a Confederate time capsule as it was being relocated. Nicknamed “Johnny Reb”, the statue caused public outcry because many saw it as a symbol. A decision was made in 2017 to move the 800-pound statue.
Number 4
As law enforcement develops new techniques and technologies for detecting suspicious packages, they are forced to adapt. While hiding substances inside of statues isn’t anything new, it seems that another method has taken shape in recent years. Rather than placing the them inside, they are embedding them into the statue’s structure to increase their chances of avoiding detection.
Number 3 Golden Buddha
The Golden Buddha statue has had an incredible journey from being forgotten to being considered one of mankind’s most impressive sculptures. In 1955, in Thailand, a group of construction workers were moving a statue of Buddha to a new building. It had been kept under a simple tin roof for roughly 2 decades as the temple, at the time, wasn’t big enough to house it. As they were positioning the statue on the pedestal, the ropes snapped and it fell on the ground. A piece of the plaster covering it cracked and gold started to shine through. The works were stopped and the rest of the plaster was carefully removed. Beyond the appearance of an ordinary statue was the masterpiece’s true nature-a 9ft 8 tall, 5.5 ton heavy statue of Buddha, made entirely out of gold. The masterfully-crafted statue consisted of 9 pieces that fit smoothly together, most likely so transportation would be easier. Inside the plaster there was also a key that could be used to disassemble the structure. Judging by the egg-shaped head and the style of the statue, it had most likely been cast in India at some point during the 13th or 14th century. Then, in the 18th century it was covered in plaster.
Number 2 Human Teeth
For a long time, nobody in the Mexican parish of San Bartolo Cuautlalpan knew there was more to one of their wooden statues. The Christ of Patience depicts the seated, gazing off into the distance and seemingly gasping for air. The statue is roughly 300 years old and, in 2014, a team of specialists took it for restoration. That’s when they discovered something behind the statue’s tormented face. They found that eight of its teeth had actually come from an adult human being. An X-Ray revealed the teeth, which were in perfect condition, and their position inside the statue’s mouth.
Number 1 Monk
Some decades ago, a Dutch private collector bought an old statue of Buddha on the art market. In the 1990s, as the piece underwent restoration, an incredible discovery was made. Inside the statue were the perfectly preserved 1,000 –year-old remains of a monk sitting in the lotus position.

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