8 Facts About Doomsday Preppers

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From stockpiling supplies and purchasing gears to doomsday architects preparing shelters. Here are facts about doomsday preppers.

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Number 8 Survivalism
Survivalists actively prepare for situations that involve abrupt changes to the environment. Those that specifically prepare for world-ending events are commonly referred to as doomsday preppers. The inherent motivation is being able to overcome the difficulties brought about by such major disruptions. Becoming fully self-reliant is a major component of a prepper’s motivation.
Number 7 Historical Roots
From an evolutionary and historical standpoint, people have always been preparing for the worst. An argument can be made that it’s the same drive that’s led to the foundation of civilization. Yet, the rapid development of the modern world has apparently eliminated the need for survival skills. It’s the type of situation that preppers have historically aimed to avoid.
Number 6 Scenarios
There are several types of doomsday preppers in accordance to the scenario they believe to be most likely. It’s worth mentioning that a prepper would rarely belong to a single category and elements often intertwine. That being said, some are concerned that oil will run out, so they learn how to become self-sufficient through agriculture. Others believe that hyperinflation will make money worthless so they tend to stockpile gold and silver bullion. Those concerned with weather cycles that cause crop failures, might prepare to last for up to a decade. This includes storing several tons of food and owning a heavy-duty greenhouse with canned, non-hybrid seeds. They might block sunlight or make the environment uninhabitable in other ways. There are also survivalists who favor a reliance on the wilderness, with a focus on basic needs that follows the rule of 3.
Number 5
That’s not saying that there aren’t preppers among them with an authentic concern for safety.
Number 4 Common Stockpile
While there are different types of doomsday preppers, there’s some commonality when it comes to certain items they stockpile. These are in addition to the creation of a retreat or haven, which can be anything from an underground bunker to a cabin in the woods. Water and water-purification equipment as well as non-perishable food are among the first priorities. They’re followed by medical supplies, adequate clothing and lighting sources. A must for doomsday preppers is what’s called a “bug out bag” or BOB. It’s a bag containing useful items and basic necessities that enables them to leave a location quickly. Most survivalists tend to employ a “Be Prepared” mentality in their everyday lives. This is also the international Scout Motto and it refers to a “state of readiness in mind and body”.
Number 3 Codes and Acronyms
In addition to the BOB, or bug-out bag, there are also the BOL and BOV, as in bug-out location and bug-out vehicle. This is in reference to the titular character of a 1913 children’s book, who finds a reason to be optimistic about anything.
Number 2 Skills of a Doomsday Prepper
Most preppers would argue that “skills weigh nothing” which means that, in addition to useful items, one most possess knowledge and skills. Preppers can rely on them to turn any situation to their advantage. Navigating by using a compass, reading a map or looking at the stars can be very useful. These skills can be complimented by practicing agriculture as well. Another aspect that some preppers emphasize is maintaining a good level of health and fitness. Mental training toward keeping one’s composure is also important as a prepper might end up alone for days on end.
Number 1 Doomsday Preppers in the US
A 2017 survey revealed that an estimated 68 million adults had purchased survival gear. Out of them, adult males tended to be more involved, but only by a slight margin of 1.8 percent. From a generational standpoint, millennials were at the forefront, at 42%, followed by Gen Xers at 31% and Baby Boomers at 17%. As of 2019, a growing number of people all over the globe fear a world-changing event is coming, which consequently has also led to a rise in doomsday prepping.

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