7 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

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Historical & mysterious cases that can’t be explained. These are the strangest mysteries that remain unsolved.

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Number 7 Lost Colony
In the late 16th century, the British tried to establish a permanent settlement in North America. They chose Roanoke Island, of present-day Dare County, North Carolina. The island was settled in 1587 and the British wouldn’t return to check on the colony until 1590. Even today, with all the available scientific tools and processes, the fate of the Lost Colony remains unknown.
Number 6 Kentucky Meat Rain
In March, 1876, flakes of red meat started falling from the sky in a 100-by-50 yard area of Bath County, Kentucky. Many thought it seemed like beef, due to its red coloration. Nobody knows for sure what meat it was or why it was falling from the sky.
Number 5 Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?
Since 1944, anonymous graffiti with variations of the sentence “Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?” have appeared. This has led investigators to theorize about her identity. Nevertheless, despite decades of inquiries, it’s still not clear who the woman was.
Number 4 Patomskiy Crater
The Patomskiy crater, also known as the Patom crater, is a mysterious rock formation in Russia’s Siberian region. It’s a large, cone-shaped mound of shattered limestone that has a smaller mound in the center. The crater rises about 130 feet from a dense snow forest and its weight is estimated at one million tons. There are a number of peculiar aspects about the crater’s formation. One would be that, despite its mass, the crater’s only 300 to 350 years old.
Number 3 Dyatlov Pass
Whatever happened in 1959, at Dyatlov Pass in the Ural Mountains, was certainly monstrous. A group of nine experienced trekkers, led by Igor Dyatlov, made camp on the eastern slopes of Kholat Syakhl. As ominous as that might sound, the mountain was actually named so by native hunters for its lack of game. On February 1 or 2, at night, something caused the trekkers to tear their way out of the tents and flee the campsite.
Number 2 Flannan Isles Lighthouse
On December 26, 1900, a maintenance vessel docked on Eilean Mor, in the Flannan Isles, in response to reports that the lighthouse wasn’t operational. What its crew discovered on the island would become national news and a mystery that still stands. Every corner of Eilean Mor was searched but they were nowhere to be found. In fact, the only out of place item was an overturned kitchen chair. Then there are the strange entries that the men had made in their journals. All three were experienced keepers who knew that they were in a safe structure.
Number 1 Lost in Panama Jungle
Shortly after graduating college, Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froom arrived in Boquete, Panama, for what would’ve been a four-week stay. On April 1, 2014, they went for a hike in the region’s clouded forests, accompanied by their hosts’ dog. The animal came back, but the girls never returned and were never seen alive again. A task force from the Netherlands joined local law enforcement and carried out a full search of the forests. Two weeks later, a local woman found Froone’s backpack in a rice field and was certain that it hadn’t been there the days before. Among other items the bag contained the women’s cellphones. A number of strange flash photos had been taken in the early hours of April 8.

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