7 Major Experiments That Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking For – Nautilus

Supersymmetry, dark matter, string theory, and SETI are acceptable woo peddled by mainstream science’s faithful. Since they have several letters after their name, and been published, somehow those theories have traction. Subodh Patil is much kinder than us, enumerating those contemporary mysteries and explaining why someone might be fascinated. On the other hand, chasing those dragons may be a pretext for securing tenure. If you still believe monetary rewards are an effective carrot for scientific advancement, then you could be part of the reason why Science Is Broken. Note how Siddhartha Roy and Suobdh are using facts, rather than beliefs and logical fallacies like conspiracy theorists and Russian disinformation agents. Surprisingly, Cecile Borkhataria, at The Daily Mail no less, argues Conspiracy Theories Really Are For Losers. There’s some sympathy for the devil, or Alex Jones, since these poor souls are just trying to deal with their own lack of agency in the world. (CS)

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