7 Artifacts with Supernatural Powers

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These are antique finds & the most fascinating mythological objects ever discovered! Let’s take a look at artifacts with supernatural powers.

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7 Black Orlov
The Black Orlov diamond’s beauty is often contrasted by its alleged history. It’s said that the black diamond initially weighed 195 carats and that it was held in a Hindu temple, in India. Also known as the Eye of Brahma Diamond, it was reportedly one of the eyes on a statue depicting Brahma. A diamond handler supposedly took it to New York City, in 1932. Next, the diamond was owned by two Russian princesses, which is how it gained the ‘Orlov’ name. The resulting 67.5 carat Black Orlov diamond was displayed at natural history museums in London and New York City. Its current owners are reportedly confident that the curse has been broken.
6 Tizona
Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, better known by the name El Cid, was an 11th century Castilian nobleman renowned for his prowess. He conquered Valencia and became its prince. For a period of roughly five years, under El Cid, Valencia was an independent and peaceful city, inhabited by both Muslims and Christians. Then Valencia was attacked by Muslim forces towards the end of the 11th century. One of the swords that belonged to El Cid was called Tizona. One by the same name is currently held at the Burgos Museum, in the historic capital of Castille. An inscription on the sword reads ‘I am the Tizona, who was made in the year 1040.’ Although its authenticity has been somewhat disputed, the sword was once sold at roughly $2 million.
5 Nanteos Cup
According to the legends, the Nanteos Cup is believed to have been created from a piece of the True Cross. It’s said that it can heal those who drink from it. For many years the cup was held at the Nanteos Mansion, in Wales. The Nanteos Cup was ultimately recovered in 2016 and went on permanent public display at the National Library of Wales.
4 Thomas Busby’s Stoop Chair
At the start of the 18th century, a man named Thomas Busby lived in Yorkshire, England. As one legend goes, Busby sat in a chair at the inn. Years later, locals started reporting strange occurrences regarding a particular chair at the inn. The chair was eventually donated to a local museum, where it was hung from the ceiling to prevent people from ever sitting in it.
3 Fairy Flag
An heirloom for the chiefs of the Clan MacLeod, the Fairy Flag, kept at Dunvegan Castle, is surrounded by myth and legend. According to the clan’s tradition, the flag was entrusted to a family of hereditary standard bearers and only the eldest male of said family was ever allowed to unfurl it. The origin of the 18-inch silk square, which is covered in ‘elf dots’, is as mysterious as its alleged magical properties. Some say that a MacLeod chief fell in love and married a fairy. Many legends claim that the flag can only be used three times before it disappears.
2 Sword in the Stone
When most people hear about a sword in the stone, they tend to think of King Arthur and the legendary Excalibur. While this sword isn’t as celebrated, it definitely has a fascinating history. The sword, halfway plunged into stone, can be found at the Rotonda at Montesiepi, in the Italian province of Siena. It’s said that it once belonged to Saint Galgano. To illustrate this point, he plunged his sword in a nearby stone and it went through it like butter. From that point on, Galgano lived a life of pious hermitage in Montesiepi. An analysis of the sword was carried in 2001, which confirmed that both the upper and the invisible lower parts belong to the same artifact. Moreover, the metal composition and style of the sword were deemed compatible with the era of the legend.
1 Hand of Glory
Known as the Hand of Glory, it’s believed to be the only artifact of its kind in existence. Other sources claim that the Hand of Glory could also unlock any doors and that it would only give light to its maker.

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