5 Dangers of Orphanages

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From child care facilities to places kids should call their home. Here are the shocking dangers of orphanages.

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Number 5 Deplorable Living Conditions
Casa de la Gran Familia, in western Mexico, was once a highly regarded foster home often visited by the media. They did so after they started receiving reports that its founder, a woman known as Mama Rosa, was asking people for large sums of money in order to release some of the residents back to their families. Those who had families could only see them twice a year and some had essentially become trapped inside. One woman had two children at the shelter. After she was allowed to leave, the owner kept her babies because they’d been registered under her name. A truck hauled away about 20 tons of garbage from inside the shelter. Those inside were either starved or fed rotten food. Ten residents were so malnourished that it was impossible to determine their age.
Number 4 Child Labor
In 2017, a shocking report came out of Hyderabad, India. At an orphanage holding over 200 children, some of the residents had to clean manholes. A video emerged and caused outrage online. It showed a 12-year-old girl wearing a red dress with a grey scarf covering her face. As someone in the background is shouting instructions, the girl, who is immersed in the manhole, can be seen taking out muck in a mug.
Number 3 Overcrowding
The girls from the Virgen de la Asuncion Safe Home, in Guatemala, had been talking about their time as residents but few listened. Built in 2010, the facility housed the children separately based on gender and age. It was meant to hold a maximum of 500 youths but, in the early spring of 2017 its numbers were closer to 800. Riots started after a group of teenagers made it to the roof, threatening guards and staff with metal objects. In the confusion, 85 residents escaped into the surrounding woods. The boys were eventually allowed to return to their dormitories but the girls, believed to have started it, were confined to a schoolroom. The following day, 51 girls found themselves in a 13-by-13- foot schoolroom. They had been given mattresses but no blankets.
Number 2 Physical
The orphanage was operated by the Sisters of Mercy between 1885 and 1978, and more than 4,000 children passed through during that time. As the hearing progressed, the commission was presented with cases that would make anyone’s skin crawl. AYL had been sent to the orphanage at the age of 10 and, during the hearing, she claimed that she became pregnant at 14. After she gave birth in the north of Brisbane, they took the baby and AYL never saw her child again. She claimed ‘At the time I was told I was having the devil taken out of me’.
Number 1 Suspicious
Between 1864 and 1981, over 11,000 children stayed at the Smyllum Park orphanage, in Lanark, Scotland. It was run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent Paul.

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