~276~ How CA Primary Voters Will Be Robbed, Excuses For Assassination Collapse

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The Democratic Primary in 2016 was a dirty affair rife with voter suppression, DNC corruption, & corporate propaganda undermining Senator Sanders. The 2020 primary is likely to be the same so Lee goes over how California’s DNC scheme to stop progressives and independents from weighing in on their primary. In “Taking The News From Behind” a new study finds that increasing the minimum wage significantly reduces suicide rates, the shocking size of military spending on wars in the Middle East over the last 2 decades, the lies about Iran continue to fall apart, and more.
Naomi Karavani compares the French strike movement against the austerity politics of Emmanuel Macron to US homegrown strikes. The French have been engaged in a radical protest movement for over a year now and despite multiple offers from their government they refuse to stop. US labor can learn a lot from them. Natalie McGill finishes the show off with a report on how the FDA fast-tracked the opiate Dsuvia which it suspected accurately would lead to deaths if it were rolled out.

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