2017 World Series Mystery – Is Time Travel Involved? – Stranger Dimensions

Nike has self-tying shoes. Biff Tannen, casino mogul, is President of the United States of America. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Is it so strange Rob Scharz reckons someone’s running around 2017 with Gray’s Sports Almanac a-la Back To The Future II? What would make Rob swallow such a proposition? Welp, someone made the bet of a lifetime and it all ties in with the headline. Perhaps this chrononaut arrived through the Eerie Portal That Appeared In Argentina, or Tim Binnall’s right that it was just a trick of the light. Let’s just say our hypothesis beats the dickens out of flesh-encased killbots appearing in spheres of fiery tachyons. Speaking of killbots from a war-torn future, they could be one of the explanations behind Brent Swancer’s Strange Cases Of Mysterious Unidentified Body Parts From Nowhere. Don’t go crying wendigo, killbot, nor mothman, true believers. It’s best to believe the perpetrators are among Earth’s greatest monster: mankind. (CS)

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