1943–The Navy Floatplane and the Invisible UFO – Syracuse New Times

Cheryl Costa gives us a dramatic UFO report set against the horrendous backdrop of the Pacific War in early 1943, based upon the memories of a soldier who was an eyewitness. A slightly more recent and better known case celebrates a birthday, as George Noory notes that the Shag Harbour UFO Case Turns 50. In spite of “the incredible amount of documentation left behind by the numerous Canadian government agencies that investigated the event”, the identity of whatever plunged into the waters off of Nova Scotia on October 4, 1967 is still buried, or plunged, if you will, in its own mystery. And the even larger issue of government interest in UFOs is tackled in Project Blue Book: A Retrospective. Greg Black’s informative text is supplemented by an equally good Open Minds video hosted by Alejandro Rojas on evidence for post-Project Blue Book reporting of unidentified flying objects. (WM)

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