[194] Could Animal Rights Actually Become Law?

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The guest today is Wayne Hsiung. He’s a lawyer and the co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere and is currently facing felony charges for recording animal abuse across the country. He argues that his actions are legal because people have a right to protect animals who they have seen endangered. This is similar to the law that allows you to break a car window to protect an animal from overheating. The corporations behind factory farms benefit from people ignoring their abuse of animals. He also points out health issues that can grow from their practices.
Anders Lee reports on a little-known story from American history where a small group of plutocrats attempted to overthrow the US government. Their big mistake was trying to bring the patriotic general Smedley Butler into their conspiracy. And Natalie McGill caps off the show by fact checking a Trump administration official’s response to the story that her boss was trying to cut Medicaid. She was covering up attacks on the well-loved government run healthcare coverage program.


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