[142] Juan Guaidó: Made In America

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To start off Lee reports on three international stories and a climate action in the US. The Yellow Vest protesters took the streets of France for their third month of weekly protests last weekend. This time they were protesting police brutality and the French police proved their point with another brutal crackdown. Also, the strike movement in Matamoros, Mexico has continued to grow and cause Mexican officials distress while in the US a group of activists concerned about climate change briefly shut down the Enbridge Pipeline in Minnesota. He also covers an Israeli land grab of 64,000 acres of Palestinian land.
In the second half of the show Lee talks to RT Correspondent and award-winning documentarian Dan Cohen about his coverage of the ongoing coup in Venezuela. Cohen has been covering the coup for RT and The Grayzone Project since it began. His reporting revealed the US connections of the politician who announced himself unelected leader of the nation with the largest oil reserves in the world. They discuss the details of the coup and what has happened in the aftermath.


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