12 Unusual Arrests

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Unusual arrests. These people went behind bars for committing the strangest, most unique & dumbest crimes. Here are some weird people who took things a little too far.

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12 Adrian Kline
In 2012, Adrian Kline, a contract embalmer for Aspen Mortuaries, in Colorado, was charged with theft and providing false information. Kline would remove any gold teeth he found.
11 Andrew Toothman
Following Andrew Toothman’s arrest in a grocery store, one of the officers described the scene as the biggest mess he’d ever seen. In 2012, Toothman broke through the window of a Kentucky grocery store wearing nothing but his boots. The 22-year-old was also completely covered in chocolate and peanut.
10 Edwin Tobergta
His crime wasn’t disclosed but it earned him five years of house arrest. Still, this didn’t deter Tobergta from returning to his bizarre fetish of having relations with inflatable objects. In August 2011 he got a pink inflatable pool raft from his neighbor and had his way with it in an alley.
9 James Roy Massengale
James Roy Massengale, a 47 year old man from Florida, was arrested in 2016 on charges stemming from trying to ride a manatee. Massengale went in the water at Islamorada Library Beach where he was, according to reports, ‘reaching for, touching and lying on top of manatees in the creek’. There were reportedly two adult manatees and their two calves close to Massengale at the time.
8 Jesse James Thomas
Jesse James Thomas was arrested after a bizarre display of public drunkenness. While wearing a festive sombrero and boxing gloves, the 55 year old climbed on the roof of a police car, began screaming his own name then ran away. Later, he was found passed out on a nearby street. Thomas failed to notice that an off duty officer was sitting inside the police car as he got on the roof.
7 Raymond Charles Foley
While some are fairly easy to explain, others are certainly more enigmatic. Such is the case of 59-year-old Raymond Charles Foley who was arrested for urinating on several of his female co-workers chairs. Over the span of five months, multiple women in the office of Farm Bureau Financial complained of mysterious stains appearing on their chairs. At the time, Foley was working in IT for the company.
6 Canadian Brick-Thrower
It’s hard to choose what’s more unusual about this case, the crime, the attempted getaway or the weapon found on the suspect. Police officers in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada received a call about an unnamed man causing a ruckus while standing on the roof of a building. As the authorities approached the suspect, he began to throw bricks at them. A negotiator was called, who subsequently tried to talk the man down. That’s when the suspect tried to climb down the chimney.
5 Joshua James
In February 2015, Florida man Joshua James pulled into a Wendy’s drive-thru and ordered a drink. After he was given the beverage, the 23 year old decided to make a delivery of his own. James reached into the back of his truck and grabbed a 3.5 foot alligator threw it through the drive-thru window and sped off. The authorities were called and, with the help of animal control, managed to remove the alligator from the restaurant.
4 Unusual Schools
For some time in Meridian Mississippi, school antics that are generally viewed as harmless could have landed students in a detention center. In 2012, Meridian school districts came under heavy scrutiny for running. Even the most minor infractions saw students sent to detention. Instances of a similar disciplinary system were also reported in Florida, in 2008, when a 13-year-old student was arrested and taken to a station.
3 Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel
By February 2011, nine different women from Virginia had contacted the authorities. Police were concerned that this twisted behavior might take a turn. A task force was formed by Fairfax County police, aimed at tracking down the perpetrator. Thanks to surveillance footage, he was identified as Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel.
2 Andre Davis
Also known by the pseudonym ‘Gangsta of Love’, Andre Davis is a former professional wrestler. The crime he was convicted of gives his ring name some dark undertones. Davis was charged with not telling 11 of his partners that he was positive. In Ohio this is a felony, as you’re required by law to inform your partner of your status.
1 Denise Marie Woodrum
52-year-old Denise Marie Woodrum was arrested at Sydney Airport in 2017. Woodrum’s defense described her as a socially isolated and deeply religious person, who developed a relationship online with a man called Hendrik Cornelius. After her visit to South America, she embarked on the trip to Australia. A judge from the New South Wales District court didn’t consider this credible.

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