World’s First Haunted Object 3D Scanning Project is Confusing Ghosts, Producing Paranormally-Active Prints – Week in W…

Greg and Dana Newkirk have found a whole new way to get into paranormal mischief, although admittedly for a good cause. The curating sleuths have begun the process of 3D scanning and printing objects within their Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, resulting in some strange phenomena which may or may not have some interesting consequences. It’s all for the greater good though. But not so with Shadow People: A Brief Look Into The Shadows. The phenomenon of the dark faceless specter has occurred worldwide and still we don’t know its origins. Matt Cook has some intriguing theories regarding the connection between this malevolent darkness and poltergeist incidents, and how they might just be two sides to the same coin. (CM)

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