What Happens If China Makes First Contact? – The Atlantic

China’s spending its hard-earned yuan building ghost cities and improving infrastructure, but a small fortune’s been sunk into one of the biggest SETI projects this side of Green Bank, West Virginia. Ross Anderson caught the red-eye to Beijing to ponder his headline’s troublesome question. First he meets with Cixin Liu, author of Three-Body Problem which concerns first contact, before touring the FAST Observatory in Guizhou Province to witness their alien eavesdropping prowess. Though Red China’s poised to welcome little green men, Andrew Masterson agrees with Enrico Fermi how If Aliens Are Out there, They’re Staying Awfully Quiet. A recent survey posted on arXiv has bad news for true believers, but is it worse knowing the United States of America’s being left in the dust with SETI? (CS)

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