Was Inventor Nikola Tesla A UFO Contactee? – Spectral Vision

His profligate inventiveness is legendary, earning this little Serbian boy the title “Mack-Daddy O.G. of Mad Science”. But did Tesla’s ideas come fully formed from his brow like Athena, or was he cheating by using aliens? These wild hypotheses, outlined by Sean Casteel, draw upon the newly revised and expanded second edition of “The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, giving us a glimpse of what the Feds overlooked while ransacking Tesla’s secret stash. Even before he ascended to the next level, he was brimming with ideas best illustrated in Nikola Tesla’s Most Extraordinary Interview, Hidden for 116 Years! It’s a mix of maverick science and trippy philosophy, but Ivan Petricevic provides a source. If the interview did take place in 1901, how did they know about General Relativity? Einstein didn’t publish the the Annus Mirabilis papers ’til 1905. C’mon, Ivan! At least science fiction puts on no airs of being factual. I recommend reading Lewis Shiner’s White City where Tesla wraps Earth in light. More sinister is The Boolean Gate by Walter Jon Williams intersecting the theory where Tesla channeled his inventions from “out there”. (CS)

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