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These offerings recall a sighting we’d discussed yesterday. But Australia and 1966, not Wales and 1977, form the setting for another schoolyard mass sighting of an anomalous object. See whether researcher Keith Basterfield’s suggested explanation satisfies you or not. It certainly raises questions about witness perception. Moving a year forward from 1966, Rich Reynolds then takes us to Cussac, in central France, and A 1967 ‘UFO Sighting’ that isn’t a ‘UFO Sighting’? Two children monitoring their family’s pasturing cows spied four smallish “Beings-in-Black” who possibly were engaged in doing a site survey outside a small spherical UFO. The story the kids later related was very strange, complete with the “ufonauts,” upon becoming aware they were being watched, diving head-first into their “machine” as it took off. Reynolds doesn’t share the strong skepticism often accorded tales from juvenile witnesses, and those who investigated the case felt that the children were honestly relating their common experience. Thematically bound to these stories is J.P. Robinson’s presentation of The Ariel School UFO Encounter. Sixty-two primary school students in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, described seeing three mysterious silver balls in the sky and one eventually land or hover in a wooded area nearby. Approaching the suspected landing site, the children saw a “UFO” and two small figures in shiny black, tight-fitting outfits. As with the French case, upon recognizing that they were being observed, the beings entered their machine and the kids went in the opposite direction to tell the teachers what they’d seen. Questions have been raised about the investigations of this 1994 incident conducted by veteran researcher Cynthia Hind and later by psychiatrist John E. Mack, but the school’s headmaster believed the children were relating honestly. And about thirty-five of the kids separately drew very similar pictures of what they’d seen. (WM)

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