Special Cases — The Long Island File (24): The Gideon Bible – John Keel

Back in 1967, John Keel got two outstandingly bizarre messages from the supposed aliens. The most intelligible information in the handwritten piece sounds like some kind of warning: “They’re going to Twi Twi you leader.” Check the “Comments” section for some enlightenment here. The second item seems a takeoff of the New Testament Gospel of John. John (Keel’s) “New Adventures on Long Island” addition seems to be largely Keel scaring himself, with of course the help of some of his direct contacts. Since we’re here, take a look at “The Hypnotic Session”, installment 25 in Keel’s journey through Oz. This involves a morning visit to an old Quaker cemetery, another of John’s fairly fruitless solo cruises looking for clues, and a seriocomic hypnosis session that leaves Keel, if anything, more confused than ever. If you find the 1967 Keelian tale intriguingly outrageous, Astr0, Black Triangles, Abductions and the Forever Men of ATS has something more recent for you. Or maybe not. Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader has reprised an imperfectly written but wild tale posted on Above Top Secret on July 25, 2014. Starting out as an explanation for “Big Black Triangles”, “Astr0” has managed to cram into two posts an amazing amount of weirdness. Following the link to the thread on the “ATS” website, we learn that Astr0 had been posting some fairly sensible stuff for four years on aviation programs. At the outset, Astr0 had disclaimed any interest in UFOs, but now, in taking leave of the forum, Astr0 “spills the beans,” leaving readers gasping. Many of the discussants aren’t buying the narrative, but some seem to enjoy it. We thought the whole rather a waste, though it might provide perspective regarding the conspiratorial mindset. (WM)

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