Reince Priebus Next To Go?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The purge of Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn engineered by White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, formally the head of the Republican National Committee in Washington, is the “Pearl Harbor” for Trump loyalists – a devastating attack that determines for Trump supporters that Priebus, an elite GOP Washington insider, must go.

The concern among Trump loyalists is that now that Priebus has succeeded in getting rid of Flynn, his next targets will be Trump top advisors Steve Miller, Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway – all of whom D.C. insiders are planning must go if Priebus is to succeed in sabotaging Trump’s revolutionary agenda.

Infowars has established that Priebus is the Chief Leaker in the White House, responsible for feeding the Trump-hating mainstream media that daily dominate the White House news room with “red meat,” including the demeaning leak to the Washington Post that Trump is “isolated,” a “clueless child,” wandering about in a bathrobe (that Trump does not own), who’s presiding over a “White House in disarray.”

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Priebus, after ensconcing himself in the seat of power as White House Chief of Staff by promising Trump that he alone could manage renegade GOP leaders in Congress – including House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell – must be made to bear the full responsibility for mismanaging the failed rollout of Trump’s temporary immigration ban and for not containing the controversy over Flynn and the Russians.

But for Trump loyalists, who are sick of Priebus packing the White House with GOP establishment toadies and appointing as “acting head” agency chiefs still loyal to President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Flynn’s resignation was the last straw.

Determined to sweep house in a Priebus-created White House virtually devoid of Trump supporters, Trump loyalists have declared war and are demanding Priebus’ scalp.

Priebus has planted his own downfall, ignoring a commitment President-elect Trump made to former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson that Tillerson would have the final say in reviewing the finalists for the top ten ambassador nominations.

Yet, two weeks ago, Priebus violated that agreement by taking to Trump directly a list of 15 names of top GOP donors who coveted the top ambassador appointments as prizes for their contributions to Priebus and the GOP.

Priebus’ downfall may well be his ill-advised attempt to advance the name of Duke Buchan on the list of losers Priebus has pushed Trump to nominate as ambassadors without so much as consulting with Secretary of State Tillerson.

According to the White House insiders, Tillerson was furious when he learned that Trump had approved Priebus’ recommendations, not aware Priebus had bypassed Tillerson in the nomination process.  Even worse, without Tillerson’s approval, Priebus has switched on the final vetting process for the top GOP donors on his ambassador list – going so far as to assure Buchan he has Priebus’ personal assurance that Buchan will be nominated as U.S. ambassador to Spain.

Once again, Priebus is setting Trump up for a fall.  Just wait until Trump’s numerous mainstream media enemies – who are still dominating the White House press room – and congressional Democrats realize Buchan is a failed hedge fund manager and serial tax evader who owned a company that was part of a lending syndicate Trump sued.

Consider the facts of Duke Buchan’s checkered business history.

Buchan’s $1 billion Hunter Global hedge fund was a high-flyer until the 2008 financial crisis, when Buchan took unrecoverable losses, forcing him to announce unceremoniously in December 2011 that he was shuttering his firm Hunter Global Investors LP.

Since then Buchan has spent a lot of time trying to evade taxes and not pay bills, claiming he intended to convert Hunter Global into a fund for family investments.  Since the collapse of Hunter Global in 2011, Buchan has spent a lot of time trying to evade past debts.

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