Possible New Piece of Antikythera Mechanism Found – Mysterious Universe

Thanks to advances in the detection of bronze objects, a tantalizing new metal item has been found in the still-submerged shipwreck where the Antikythera Mechanism was discovered. X-rays have revealed that it was decorated with the figure of a bull, and other items have been dredged up too, including parts of statues. Researchers believe that there are even more fascinating finds to come. And the issue of believing arises in Jason Colavito’s piece: Was the Golden Fleece Really Sea-Silk? Plus: “Ancient Origins” Writer Endorses Modern Hoax as Pre-Flood Hermetic Secrets. In this refreshingly well-written critique, Jason disputes the conflated conclusion reached by a contributor to the Ancient Origins site, that the Golden Fleece was woven from silk. The theory is not new, but Colavito’s analysis lends it no further credence. (LP)

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