Was The Earth 3D Printed?

Probably a stupid idea. Obviously hypothetical. But in my mind, it makes a hell of a lot of sense, solves a lot of problems, and hey, it gives an overpopulated planet some hope. You see, it COULD HAVE been manufactured, and by considering the idea that a planet such as ours was created from the […]

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OH MY GAWD! Zigzagging UFO (Or Drone) Over Long Island

    A rapidly moving, boomerang-shaped unidentified flying object (enlarged above) seen and videotaped above New York’s Long Island is… Read more: Unidentified Flying Object, Port Jefferson NY UFO, Drone UFO, Ufo, Weird NY, MUFON Case 64777, Joseph Flammer UFO, Marc Dantonio National Geographic, Marc Dantonio Drone Maker, Weird News News Click here to Read this […]

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