Strange Sound Sickening Cuban Diplomats? Don’t Believe It. – Psychology Today

This story sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory, but Psychology Today isn’t known for that sort of thing. It’s hard to argue with science–if we don’t possess the technology to launch pinpoint assaults with sonic weapons, it’s a bit ridiculous to blame the Cuban government for whatever maladies recently struck down recent visiting US […]

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Dr. Phil & UFOs – High Strangeness

Mark O’Connell describes the slant one program apparently uses to present UFO close encounter stories, reflecting something larger about how television shows treat the human condition in order to make advertising dollars. With An Atavistic Fear of the Unknown O’Connell launches from headline-grabbing considerations into a deeper rumination about what is at base the human […]

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Kevin Randle’s Socorro Book – UFO Conjectures

Rich Reynolds does a “non-review” of Kevin Randle’s new study of the 1964 Socorro, New Mexico Lonnie Zamora sighting. Rich basically just says “go out and get the book”–it’s that good. Well, Reynolds does praise Encounter in the Desert for its completeness and objectivity, even though Rich somewhat shivers at a perceived “lean” toward an […]

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