NIBIRU FOUND? Shock video footage of ‘Planet X UFO’ soaring over USA

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Scores of conspiracy theorists expected the mysterious Planet X, known as Nibiru, to arrive in the skies on Saturday, September 23, to herald the apocalypse.

The spectacular theory gained a lot of traction and media attention but the world continues. 

Nibiru which is said to orbit the sun every 3,600 years and is 10 times the size of Earth, was nowhere to be seen. But oddly enough, something else appeared in the night skies.

After one shocked on Sunday, similar footage emerged from the US.

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Several freaked out residents of Los Angeles, California took to social media on Sunday, September 24, to share videos and photos of what appears to be a crescent shaped object flying through the skies.

Some have speculated about the object being extraterrestrial in nature, while others quickly dismissed it as a shooting star or plane.

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