NIBIRU COMING? Is increase in earthquakes across globe sign Planet X is about to pass?

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Armchair “Planet Xperts” claim there is a current increase in earthquake activity which they are blaming of the gravitational force of the mythical planetary system as it allegedly draws close.

One is UK-based conspiracy theorist Matt Rogers who posts his “observations” on Youtube “Sky Watcher” channel.

In a video uploaded yesterday he claimed the signs of Nibiru’s arrival were evident.

He said: “It is becoming stranger as we go though the days, months and years… we have this red haze.

“Here is the EQ 3D network earthquake chart for September 24, 2017.

“In the area of Mexico there have been a lot of earthquakes, a lot of them are happening right now.


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“We have a 5.5, a 5.4, I mean it is getting stranger, not so long ago they were hit by a 7.1.

“Now this is happening also

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